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Are You Bonded & Insured?

Yes, we are fully insured and bonded and carry workers compensation. We do have a liability insurance, employee bonding, and property damage. Please notify us in 24 hours of the cleaning date If any damage/loss does occur.

How long have you been cleaning homes?

KARIS Services has been cleaning homes since 2009. All of our cleaning technicians have had at least 1 year cleaning experience and understand what customer satisfaction means. When you hire KARIS Services, you are entrusting your cleaning chores to professionals who have seen it all - large. small, fairly soiled, extremely soiled, and just about every type of cleaning requirements.

Am I required to provide any cleaning supplies?

No. KARIS Services cleaning crew arrives fully equipped with our own supplies and equipment (vacuum cleaner, mops, rags, etc.) at no extra charge to you. All we need from you is access to water and electricity.

For commercial clients, sanitary supplies and garbage bin liners are optional. Please clarify if you want us to supply these.

Are You Pet Friendly?

Yes, our cleaners are pet-friendly. However, it is advisable to ensure that your pets are kept in a safe place - away from our cleaning equipment and cleaning products - for liability issues.

How many people come to clean my home?

Depending on the home and your needs, we can work individually, in teams of 2 or in teams of 3.

If you are paying by the hour, the hourly rate is “per person – per hour

Can I Request A Specific Time For You To Arrive?

You may request for a specific time for your team to arrive at your place. But please keep in mind that, as much as we make every effort to arrive within you desired time, traffic or other unforeseen circumstances may lead to unplanned delays from time to time.

What should I expect on my first appointment?

On your first cleaning appointment, we will do a deep clean of your property, top to bottom, to bring it up to a high shining perfection. This first clean will take a much longer time as it will entail a much more thorough clean that will prepare your home for the subsequent on-going maintenance cleanings, such as weekly or biweekly cleans.

Do I need to do anything before you arrive?

Absolutely not.
However, it is to your advantage to have stuffs organized as much as possible allowing us to be able to get to all areas so that we can optimize your cleaning. If we have to spend time picking items up and putting them in their place prior to cleaning you may be billed for the extra time needed to do so.

Do we have to be home when you clean?

No, you do not have to be home. In fact the majority of our clients provide us with keys to their homes. However, if you choose to be home while we clean we welcome you to do so. We understand that you may prefer to get to know us prior to allowing us to work on our own. We cannot however assume liability for injury to anyone in the home other than our own employees, therefore we ask that you stay out of our working area and off of wet floors.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

We require a 48 hour notice for cancellation of or changes to set appointments. Simply call/text us on (780) 919-8399 or email us at the email provided to you at the time of sign-up for any changes you may require.

Your advance notice is very important as it will help us to re-schedule our cleaners for other jobs.

Please note that there is a minimum charge of $100 payable for appointments not cancelled 48 hours in advance.

How Do I Pay For My Appointment?

Payment is expected at the time of the cleaning. We do for your convenience offer a monthly billing program where services are prepaid. We accept cash, cheques and credit card payments.

You may also pay by e-transfer. If this option is convenient for you, we will provide you with our email for your transfer.

What if I am not satisfied with my cleaning?

If you are not satisfied with your cleaner or the quality of work, you must inform us within 24 hours of the completion of work. Exceptions may be possible for up to 72 hours if the house is not lived in. We will immediately deal with the issue.

You can rest assured that any feedback you provide us with will be dealt with confidentially and in the most appropriate manner.

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